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We provide outstanding e-learning programs to help individuals and businesses gain in-demand skills through accessible mentor-led online courses. Our education model is centered on creating a lifelong bond to further our student’s career advancement.

Our ideal e-learning environment is designed to fit our life schedule and prepare us for the careers of tomorrow. We believe that learning new skills should prepare us for the real world, and having a system that understand our unique educational needs under the guidance of industry experts is one of the best ways to fulfill our dreams.

Join Us to change the world. “Education is no longer a one-time investment, but a lifelong pursuit.”



Before starting Africtutors, we spent months researching how we can reduce unemployment, raise income, and improve standard of living with hundreds of local business owners in Africa. Our moment came when our research shows that part of the working age population within the low and middle-income bracket lack the basic skills required to get quality jobs, creating a barrier for them to achieve their full productive potential and limiting economic growth and development in the continent.

The challenge is further exacerbated by a rapidly changing global economy that increasingly requires workers to be innovative, flexible and adaptive. Talking with hundreds of local business owners reveal to us that businesses struggle to find the talent needed to fast track innovation and return on investment.

We started working hand-in-hand with our local community, making introductions and demonstrating how we can help young people and the unemployed to develop skills that makes economic sense. We believe providing an e-learning environment for our community for continual education will give us an unprecedented opportunity in our career growth.


The current education system in Africa is unprepared to meet the talent demands of a modern economy, reduce poverty and inequality to build a strong economy.

Our goal is to increase labor force productivity and make our private sector flourish with skilled workforce to sustain it, increase the transfer of technology and “know-how” from high-income countries to our local communities.


Building the future of education by improving lives through online learning and teaching marketplace, to promote economic mobility and workforce development.

We provide a wide range of educational resources and technical assistance to help our students apply innovative knowledge to workplace challenges.


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